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Got allergies? You’re 50% less likely to get cancer

Have allergies or high histamine? Lucky you! Your immune system is primed to take down brain tumour cells. Researchers have yet to explore which other kinds of cancer (if any) having high histamine levels protects against. Seems that those pesky cancerous cells are annihilated by brain histamine, at least 50% of the time. 

Everyday Health Article:

It could be that the immune system of a person with allergies is working harder, and as it defends the body against allergens, it also works against tumors. Another idea has to do with the blood-brain barrier, a barrier between the immune function cells and the brain.

"It’s hard for immune cells to get into the brain because you wouldn’t want to have inflammation in your brain. It’s kind of protective, but it’s possible that a consequence of allergies is that this blood-brain barrier is more accessible to immune cells, and the immune system [in those people with allergies] can get rid of very small early tumors."

Judith Schwartzbaum, PhD, associate professor of epidemiology at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, 

This fits in with what Dirk Budka (my histamine hero) told me about my immune system being in overdrive. Because not only do I have the honour of having histaminosis/histamine intolerance, tyramine sensitivity, I am also the proud owner of a hypersensitivity disorder. Sheesh, and you thought your diagnosis was grim! 

Dirk (I’m paraphrasing here):

"Imagine a person with a normal immune system eats a food that it takes a dislike to. The immune system swats it away like a little fly. You eat anything and your immune system gets out the bazooka and starts blasting away.” 

Having experienced significant war zone action (as a journalist), I can indeed confirm that is exactly what it feels like - a freaking war inside my body. 

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